inkAID gives creative digital artists the opportunity to create unlimited types of surfaces on which to print including traditional fine art papers, metal, plastic and wood veneer. The print on the left below is on uncoated Reeves BFK. The paper for the print on the right was coated with inkAID White Matte Precoat prior to printing. Since the ink doesn't soak into the paper, the print is considerably more vibrant. Painting, collages and other mixed media can also be coated to allow the addition of an inkjet printed image to the composition.


Each inkAID product has unique properties:

..•..White Matte Precoat
White matte precoat gives a beautiful very flat and bright white surface. It goes on clear and dries white. One coat is enough on smooth, hard surfaces like gesso; two coats may be needed on more porous surfaces, like paper. With pigmented inks it creates a water resistant finish which allows overpainting of acrylic based varnishes.
..•..Clear Semi Gloss Precoat
A favorite for artists coating surfaces where they want to preserve the color or image beneath the precoat. One coat is usually sufficient if carefully applied to cover all areas evenly. Very porous surfaces may need more coats, or you can seal the surface with acrylic medium before applying the precoat.
..•.Clear Gloss Precoat and optional Adhesive (for Clear Gloss Precoat)
If you want a gloss surface, this is for you. Porous and semi-porous surfaces don’t need the Adhesive, but may require two coats of Clear Gloss Precoat for good ink holdout. In order for the inkAID Clear Gloss Precoat to adhere to a non-porous surface like Plexiglas or metal, you must first put down a coat of inkAID Adhesive to provide a lasting bond. inkAID Adhesive can also be used to reduce the number of coats of inkAID Clear Gloss or Semi Gloss Precoat needed on porous surfaces.
..• Clear Gloss Precoat Type II
This new Clear Gloss Precoat Type II was specially formulated to eliminate the need for adhesive when applying to a non-absorbent surface like aluminum or Plexiglas. Use two coats, the second applied perpendicularly to the first when it is completely dry.
..• Iridescent Precoats
Iridescent Precoats are available in Gold, Silver, Pearl, Red and Blue pints. Premixed with glowing tints, these one step precoats contain both an adhesive and precoat for inkjet printing and will adhere to virtually every surface including non-porous surfaces like metal and porous surfaces like paper.

After coating, some media may need to be pressed flat to fit into the printer. Hanging paper as it dries often helps minimize wrinkles, as does giving the whole sheet an even coat of the adhesive. Color profiles you may have been using will probably have to be adjusted, especially when your substrate is not white. Test small samples first.

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